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History of French

The language spoken in France during the first century before Christ was the galo. Later, the Romans’ invasion came to influence and change this language with different terms and sounds. The Franks made another significant contribution to the form modern French now has.

By the 6th century the language spoken in the region did not look like the galo, nor like the Frankish and becomes more different from Latin, thus becoming a language spoken in very different ways acording to the region so that, inasmuch it evolved, various dialects emerged at the end of the tenth century. A particular dialect spoken in the area of Paris starts to become popular and is trending among educated people, it is the Old French.

La Renaissance implies large loans to other languages like Greek and Latin due to the emergence of new terms, especially in the scientific field. In 1539 French imposed itself as the administrative language, taking Latin’s place. That French was known as middle French.

Towards the eleventh century, other loans from the Flemish, Vikings and Arabs among others have had an important influence in the further evolution of the language. In the 18th century classic French starts to become the norm with  grammar treatise, dictionaries and the birth of the French Academy. During these times French begins to expand to the French colonies, giving birth to  Creole languages. Currently French is spoken by 274 millions people and is the second most learnt language around the world after English. French is known as the language of love and is associated to elegance.




Grammar tips

Grammar tips

Dans la vidéo que nous verrons ensuite, nous vous apprendrons quelles sont les prépositions des pays, nous vous donnerons des exemples de tableaux et de phrases …
French levels

French levels

To reach the level of French they want, students need to develop different skills that enable them to communicate in verbal and written forms according to their level. There are 6 levels of French : A1 – Beginner You can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases to satisfy basic practical needs (buying, eating,…). You are capable to introduce yourself and others and you …

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