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Dudas sobre francés

Dudas sobre francés

Dudas sobre francés

Dudas sobre francés

Dudas sobre francés



¿Why learning French?

French is a language you can use in many countries such as Canada, France, Switzerland, among others, which means it represents an essential part of migratory processes to countries with a better life quality.
French is the language of love, literature, Molière.
Learning French implies entering a whole new world, discovering new cultures, new experiences.
Learning French can bring you “a new life” (“une nouvelle vie”).

How do I make  the payment?

Paying for your course in Français Nouvelle Vie is easy and fast. Go to https://francaisnouvellevie.com/en/how-to-pay/, click on PSE, fill in the information and choose your payment method.


Once the registration process has been legalized and formalized, you will receive all the information and links to access (username and password) to your classes by registered email.

What are the prices?

The cost of the trainings varies depending on the country and the currency exchange.

For more information, request your quote!

How is the registration?

Once you have filled up the registration form and established your schedule with the academic department, the latter will assign you a teacher and check your payment. You will then get access to the online teaching platform.

When does Français Nouvelle Vie confirms the subscription? You will receive a confirmation in the email you sent us within 12 hours.

I paid for the course today and if you give me an answer within 12 work hours could I loose my first class if I start tomorrow?

No, just get in touch with us and we will reschedule your first session. You never loose a class -except when you fail to notify that you will not attend- since we are always willing to reschedule your classes so that you don’t loose any of them.

Do you have classes for children and/or teenagers?

We do offer classes to these learners as well as adults.

I can’t access my class what what do I need to do?

You can write to


providing the following information:
First and last names
Group where you are registered and teacher’s name
Email (make sure you give us the right email)

What are the working hours?

We work according to your needs but we should agree on a schedule that will fit between:

Monday to Friday from 7am to 10pm (Colombian time)

Saturdays from 7am to 4pm (Colombian time)

For the students who live outside of Colombia we organize their schedule including the time difference in the time slots where they want to study.

The schedule is always agreed upon between the student and the teacher.

How do I know my current level if I haven’t practiced French in a long time?

If you already know some French we will schedule a free 60 minutes session where your level of proficiency will be assessed to design a personal learning program.

What do I need to do to join my class?

Classes will be taught through our platform www.francaisnouvellevie.com. You will get access to that platform immediately after you subscribe.

I have had problems logging in the class throughthe link provided how can you help me?

Please contact us at contactanos@francaisnouvellevie.com and we will provide you with accurate and personalized information.

For us it is important that our customers are 100% certain of the course that they will buy. For this reason we have someone in our team specialized in this aspect who will help you answer all your questions. Leave us your contact and we will reach out to you.